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About mitchell

Mitchell was born and raised in Fresno, CA. Following high school, Mitchell spent a couple years doing dumb shit and getting weird with his friends before finally enlisting in the Navy to pay for college. While in the Navy, he travelled around the world and met a lot of dope people. Mitchell spent over 6 years with Uncle Sam before leaving the military and moving to Colorado.

Mitchell began crafting his skills as an MC in middle school where he learned to freestyle. Mitchell quickly developed his songwriting abilities with inspiration from his earliest influences like Digable Planets, Dr. Dre, Lauryn Hill, and DMX. In high school, Mitchell was heavily inspired by the rising stars of his generation like Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa. During this period of adolescence, Mitchell lacked the maturity or self determination to truly focus on music and pursue it as a career. In the next half decade he worked, saved money, and gained valuable life perspective that would eventually influence the music he would make and his world view.

In the few months before leaving the Navy, Mitchell fully immersed himself in his art and career as an MC. He released 4 EPs in 3 months, including the release of his widely popular track, “Silver Linings”, which was boosted with the release of a slick video shot on location in Sicily and Ireland.

Upon arriving Colorado, Mitchell quickly immersed himself in the local scene and while frequently playing shows with acts like Mickey Avalon, Caskey, and Young Ma. Mitchell began recording at Soul Session Studios owned and operated by DJ Yetty. At Soul Session Studios, Mitchell has released two full length projects, numerous singles, and multiple videos. He continues to release music all while building a rapidly growing following. Within 6 months of arriving in Colorado, he was headlining one of the largest venues in northern Colorado.

Mitchell’s continues to maintain momentum while working to spread his music and message to world. Mitchell’s passion and motivation for hip hop is driven by his goal to show kids who were once lost like him that anything in this world is possible if you put your head down and keep moving forward towards the things that you want.

Mitchell’s musical releases are consistently pushing his boundaries as an artist by exhibiting different styles to include boom bap, alternative hip hop, conscious rap, and lo-fi.

Mitchell currently resides in Fort Collins, Colorado and has a mustache.